Tristan is joined by Andrew and Jon from Stratus Imaging and Yoav from Aerobotics to discuss this season’s exciting drone data offering for tree crops. This is the third season that StevTech has offered the Aerobotics orchard drone data service and it just keeps getting better. This season Aerobotics has added a water stress analysis tool that shows orchard managers where trees are suffering water stress and where they might be over irrigating. This is a critical water, money and labour saving addition to the already impressing line up of data on offer. All the innovative stuff from previous seasons are still in the package including individual tree counts, missing trees, NDVI and NDRE vegetation indices at the per vine level as well as canopy volume, missing vines and the ability to zone your vineyard for selective pruning, fertilisation or mulching. The market leading citrus yield estimation flights which use artificial intelligence to accurately estimate harvest fruit sizes and quantities months before you harvest. This product is offered Australia wide, so get in touch with StevTech if you would like a virtual product demonstration or to book in for a seasonal package.