StevTech offers a variety of services across different areas of the agriculture industry. We tailor make what we provide so you get what you want.

StevTech is able to quantify a variety of parameters so you can achieve maximum yield. We can offer services like plant health & vigour using multi-spectral sensors so you can work out what areas are performing better than others. You can also have detailed imagery to have a close up look on what your crop looks like as well as providing automatic weed detection so you can automatically spray where the weeds actually are.

Data in horticulture is important. To maximise profits, Stevtech offers services tailored for orchards. We provide high resolution orchard analytics and in-field scouting software, fruit size reporting for season monitoring. We can identify fruits on the trees and estimate early and late harvest fruit sizes with an estimation of total volume.

To make your research more efficient, Stevtech can assist by regularly scanning your trial areas. This means that you get reliable data to give accurate results as well as give you the ability to easily look at the different times of the season to record the differences and make further observations.

Do you require training and assessment in the drone industry? StevTech is a licensed training organisation to train individuals and companies to achieve their desired accreditation to operate a UAS.