Two paddocks in fallow were scanned using a StevTech multi-spectral sensor mounted on a drone. Images were downloaded and analysed for weeds using a processing platform. This information was then formatted as a prescription map for use in a spray rig with individual nozzle control. ‘Look Ahead’ and ‘Lag’ settings on the Spray Rig increased to ensure good coverage front and rear of each identified weed (resulting in good coverage but a slight increase in spray area from the prescription map).

Area: 281 Ha
Cost of Chemical: $4,155

Area with weeds: 68.3 Ha
Actual area sprayed: 90 Ha
Actual Cost of Chemical: $1,350

Estimated Chemical Savings 281 Ha: $2,805
Chemical: 68%
Potential Chemical Savings 1,000ha: $9,982


Paddock 5

Minimum0.00 L/Ha
Maximum60.00 L/Ha
Average15.64 L/Ha
Total2,541.4 L
Area163 Ha
(Spray @ 60 L/Ha)
55 Ha (33%)
(Don’t Spray)
108 Ha (66%)

66% Saving

Paddock 6

Minimum0.00 L/Ha
Maximum60.00 L/Ha
Average13.24 L/Ha
Total1,556.4 L
Area118 Ha
(Spray @ 60 L/Ha)
35 Ha
(Don’t Spray
83 Ha

70% Saving