Artifical Intelligence (AI) has come a long way and can be used to detect weeds in paddocks. Weed detection using AI can even detect weeds in paddocks that have crops such as wild radish in canola.

This case was between seasons and so the weeds were easily identified on bare ground and all the weeds were identified using a high resolution camera. After the weeds were identified, a spray buffer was added around the weeds to account for GPS errors, spray rig delays and any mapping inaccuracies. A spray rate of 100L/Ha was applied.

Total Area (Ha): 236.5
Spray Area (Ha): 72.6
Spray Required (L): 7,260

Savings: 69%

This heat-map shows the distribution of weeds and indicates the areas that will be sprayed in pink.

The discrepancies from the final output could be cause by lead-in and lead-out times by the spray rig, as the spray rig used in this uses sections rather than individual nozzles, a larger area will ultimately be sprayed.