Spray Drones Combined With Weed Detection in Rice Crops


Weeds in crop are expensive. They are expensive to manage, they can impact yield and contaminate your seed when it comes time to sell it. Recently we took on a job that required us to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to identify Caldwell’s Club-rush (Bolboschoenus caldwellii) within a rice […]

Weed Detection – February 2022


Artifical Intelligence (AI) has come a long way and can be used to detect weeds in paddocks. Weed detection using AI can even detect weeds in paddocks that have crops such as wild radish in canola. This case was between seasons and so the weeds were easily identified on bare […]

Weed Detection


Two paddocks in fallow were scanned using a StevTech multi-spectral sensor mounted on a drone. Images were downloaded and analysed for weeds using a processing platform. This information was then formatted as a prescription map for use in a spray rig with individual nozzle control. ‘Look Ahead’ and ‘Lag’ settings […]