About Us

We are drone & data specialists.

StevTech scans the globe for high tech solutions to real world farming problems. If a solution doesn’t exist we develop one.

Using ultra high resolution drone data, paired with artificial intelligence and image recognition techniques we can quantify and target issues like never before.

Our Story

StevTech is much more than an agricultural drone company and this is part of our story.

Our Team

Tristan Steventon


Stevtech was founded in 2016 by Tristan, a former Australian Army Officer with 20 years of military service. Before the military, Tristan grew up on the family farm between Parkes and Dubbo, NSW. Having worked with the most high tech drones and sensors available on the planet he understands that their true utility is in their ability to enhance timely and accurate decision making. Tristan enjoys seeking out the most sophisticated technologies and bringing them to Australian farmers in a simple and common sense way to their increase yields and decrease their input costs.

Steven Brown

Business Co-ordinator

Having completed a Bachelor of Aviation (Management) at UNSW in 2013, Steven has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the aviation industry. Steven enjoys combining the various technologies involving drones, multi-spectral mapping, surveying with software. Equipped with this, he is able to bring value into the business to deliver what you need in the best possible way.

James Forsyth

Drone Pilot

James grew up on a farm in Central West NSW and left to join the Royal Australian Navy for 12 years. His time in the Navy gave him valuable skills and abilities that will serve the agriculture industry well. James is an avid tech user, loves being outdoors and part of a team - the perfect combination for a professional drone pilot and data analyst.

Alvin Kong

Drone Pilot

Alvin grew up in Bathurst, NSW and since had operated his own drone from a young age. He sends his drone out whenever he gets spare time and loves capturing aerial photos with his drone as one of his hobbies. Due to flying drones from an early age with a massive passion for drones, he is able to effectively transfer his drone operating skills and experiences into StevTech as a drone pilot. Alvin is also an outdoorsy person and loves working as part of the team, which makes him perfect for the job.

Geoff Joyce

Drone Pilot

Geoff is passionate about what drones bring to organisations in terms of cost savings and increased productivity. Geoff works as a drone instructor with the well known and highly reputable Institute for Drone Technology. Geoff brings a wealth of cross-industry drone experience to StevTech and works with Stevtech in a contracting capacity.

Reanna Steventon

Legal, Risk and HR

With a background in insurance and policy law, Reanna brings a depth of knowledge of risk management, the policy implications of emerging technologies and an enthusiasm to embed StevTech within the local community.

Anthony Steventon

Agricultural Advisor

As a career farmer, Anthony knows what works and what doesn’t. He brings local knowledge and subject matter expertise to a broad range of farming issues. His knowledge and abilities ensure StevTech remains wedded to concepts that are immediately practical and will benefit his fellow farmers.

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