StevTech is offering the wine industry a transformative change in the way NDVI scanning has been offered.

For many, NDVI scans have been done at most once a year (at veraison) and really only provided data that can be corrected 6 or 8 months down the track.

StevTech is offering a customised service at a price point that allows vineyard managers to precisely map the health of their vines multiple times throughout the season.

This has the potential to enable corrective actions to occur within a season, not after the damage has already been done. This data might trigger irrigation, nitrogen or a range of other decisions within the season.

As the NDVI values provided by StevTech are calibrated rather than simply relative as is the usual method, it may allow viticulturists to chart the moisture profile of the vines across bud break, flowering, fruit set, veraison, and at harvesting. Over time, this data may point to an optimum moisture profile to achieve exceptional vintages.